PhiloToys Enema Bulb for Personal Care and Anal Sex (7.7 Oz)

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  • Health & Personal Care- Help relieve constipation and fecal impaction and cleanse the bowel, empty the colon to prevent unwanted bowel movements.
  • Spice Things Up- It can be used as sex toy to remove the feces before the sex activity to get the pleasure sexual life.
  • Gentle & Smooth Entrance- Just insert the tip of bulb with fluid, or you can use small amount of lubricant to facilitate a comfortable insertion.
  • Safe and Secure Material- The enema bulb is made from medical PVC, nozzle made from ABS, no harm to human body and health.
  • Available in Two Size- You can choose from 5.5Oz or 7.7Oz cleansing enema as you need. 7.7Oz is capable of holding 7.7Oz of fluid for more needs.

PhiloToys Enema Bulb for Personal Care and Anal Sex!

l It is made from medical PVC and ABS nozzle that FDA approved and is used as cleaning enema syringe.

l The enema bulb is safe for body use, the flexible nozzle for comfortable insertion, which helps cleanse the bowel and empty the colon to prevent the unwanted bowel movement.

l Enema can be used as a spice in anal sex activity for men, spouse, using it prior to anal sex to enhance the sensation of intercourse with small amount of lubricant, or clean the feces prior to sex. You will indulge in the pleasure of cleaning enema syringe. Keep clean, stay healthy.


l Material: PVC + ABS

l Capacity: 225ml

l Length of Nozzle: 3 inches (7.7Oz)

l Diameter of Bulb: 3.1 inches (7.7Oz)

l Color: Black


l Used for: Bowel Dysfunction, Colon Cleansing, Fecal Incontinence and Constipation.

l Insert the tip of the enema bulb syringe gently into the rectum to empty the feces. Help the fluid easy to be injected into the lower bowel by the way of rectum.